Other Services

Extending our efforts to provide you with unparalleled event services,
we take pride in being a one stop shop for every event needs.


Sit back and let Ralph & Co make your dream wedding come true. Ralph & Co offers a variety of wedding packages that will cater to your vision, your desire, your needs.

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Prom and Graduation Ball
Where gents become kings and ladies to queens. Let Ralph & Co sprinkle your night with a little bit more fairy dust. Make the halls magical and grand with our signature Ralph & Co styling and make this event a night where dreams come true.

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Kiddie Party and Baptismal

Have parents and kids alike enjoy and celebrate the day with our Ralph & Co Kiddie Party and Baptismal Packages. From full coordination services, themed event styling, to fun and games, Ralph & Co will make sure that you child’s special day will be a day to be remembered.

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Milestone Celebrations
Reminisce and celebrate your life’s greatest trials, journeys, and successes with our Ralph & Co Milestone Packages.